Season of Fasting and Prayer, Day 4

Today is the last day of our Season of Fasting and Prayer. Let us continue to cry out to God to have mercy on us, our people, and this city.


Lord, Have Mercy on This City

Scriptures to pray

  • Lord, have mercy on us: Psalm 40
  • Lord, have mercy on your people: Hebrews 3.7–13
  • Lord, have mercy on this city: 2Corinthians 4.1–6

Have mercy on our leaders

  • President Obama, Vice President Biden
  • Governor Cuomo and state assembly and senate
  • Mayor Bloomberg and city council
  • Mayoral election this year

Have mercy on our city through us

  • Let us follow the early church’s pattern by intentionally starting new churches (Acts 8ff.; Rom 15)
  • Let us love our community just like Jesus condescended to love us when we were enemies (Isa 53.6; Rom 5.9–10)
  • Let us display Your mercy to our neighbors through acts of service (Lk 10.25–37; Gal 6.10) and words of hope (2Cor 4.1–6)

Have mercy on our city through our gospel partners

  • Nick and Joelle Peterson (prospective church planters)
  • All Souls Christian Church (John Starke, pastor)
  • Josh and Traci Stahley (prospective church planters at All Souls)
  • Redeemer Presbyterian Church (Tim Keller, pastor)
  • Southern Baptist Seminary extension campus @ W 72nd Street
  • Hope for New York
  • Commonwealth Community Baptist Church, Bronx (Marty Silverburg, pastor)
  • CityView Baptist Church, Astoria (Rob Rodriguez, pastor)
  • Williamsburg Church, Brooklyn (Robert Elkin, pastor)
  • Nyack College and Alliance Theological Seminary
  • Franklin Lakes Baptist Church (Matt Carpenter, pastor)
  • First Baptist Church, Hackensack (Eric Wohner, pastor)
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