Help the Youngs Get to Scotland

Last week my good friend, Nathan Young, and his family received their visas to serve Stonehaven Baptist Church outside Aberdeen, Scotland. It has been a long, slow road, but we rejoice in God’s work on their behalf.

Though the move is scheduled, their needs are still great. Emmanuel Bible Church in Mauldin, SC, recently posted eight ways that stateside believers and churches can partner with the Youngs to advance the gospel in Scotland. This isn’t your ordinary list of needs, and some of you are uniquely gifted to be able to do one or more of them.

  1. Pray for new converts, healthy church members, and for the Youngs as they transition to a new country and congregation
  2. Design a brand and/or a website for Stonehaven Baptist Church
  3. Develop a social marketing strategy for Facebook and Twitter
  4. Prepare a team for a holiday Bible club this July/August to share the gospel with unreached families
  5. Recruit a team for a basketball clinic in Stonehaven this April and/or October to share the gospel with unreached families
  6. Take your vacation in Scotland with the Youngs, who would be happy to host you, absorb some of your lodging expense, and enjoy your fellowship
  7. Host believers from Stonehaven so that they can broaden their perspective on how the gospel transforms life and ministry
  8. Relocate to Stonehaven (through schooling or vocation) and help build the church from within

The Youngs still have substantial financial needs as well. Last I heard, they have about half of the needed $60K to move. If God moves you to help, you can find more information about giving here.

God, as you have eternally blessed Nathan and Krystal in Christ, please pour out your blessing by meeting these final needs and preparing them physically, socially, and spiritually to advance your gospel in Scotland.

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