“Her Story is Just Beginning”

So said the adoptive mother of a child born to a woman who, last summer, fled Connecticut for a state where she had more rights as a surrogate mom.

Because the biological parents wanted her to terminate the pregnancy.

An ultrasound had “showed Baby S. had a cleft lip and palate, a cyst in her brain, severe heart defects and no stomach or spleen.” It turned out that she had two spleens, neither of which work. And her internal organs are out of place. Even if the baby could be carried to full-term, it would likely not survive.

So the biological parents sought an abortion, but the surrogate mom refused. They sought a financial arrangement, but the surrogate’s asking price was too high for the biological parents.

So she fled.

While in Michigan, she met the eventual adoptive parents. The baby was born, the biological parents surrendered their rights, and the adoption proceeded.

Baby S. is now eight months old.

Here’s how the article concludes:

Many look at Baby S. and see hardship. Her adoptive mother looks at her and sees a miracle.

She sees a baby who is quick to laugh and quicker to smile, who loves peek-a-boo and a stuffed caterpillar that squeaks, who bounces on her mom’s lap and nibbles her dad’s coffee cup.

She sees a baby whose future won’t be told by doctors or medical tests, but by an infant who will show what is possible in life.

She sees a baby she’ll bathe in love and then get out of the way. “It’s outside anyone’s ability to guarantee what the future will hold,” the mother said. “Her story is just beginning.”

There is a host of moral, ethical, and legal questions about this whole matter, and is certainly thought-provoking for Christians.

You can read the whole thing here.

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