Freebies to Snag Today


I’ve mentioned Josh Garrels before. His album Love, War, and the Sea in Between is one of my favorites, and his concert in NYC last December was an important means of God’s grace. (The gust in my sails from that night has yet to wear off.)

Josh has partnered with NoiseTrade to offer all five of his CDs for free. That’s right: free. All tips received will go to WorldRelief in Congo. So make sure you leave something in exchange for this excellent music.

But today is the last day to snag them. So don’t wait. Get em right now.

Seriously, stop reading and click these links. Then come back.

[And Josh, thanks for your example of giving what’s in your hand to serve the needs of others.]


R. C. Sproul’s book, The Truth of the Cross, is free in a variety of electronic formats (Kindle | Logos | ePub). If you’re looking for some good reading to meditate on the cross and empty tomb, this is a great book at an unbeatable price.

And while you’re in the giving mood (after all, you’ve given a tip to Josh Garrels, right?), go ahead and send a gift to Ligonier Ministries as a way of saying Thanks for the free book.

This offer expires at the end of April, so if you’re reading this post-Easter, you may still have time.

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