Tedd Tripp Parenting Workshop at First

Geneva School, a classical Christian school in Manhattan, is hosting a parenting seminar Friday, May 31 and Saturday, June 1. The lecturer is Tedd Tripp, author of Shepherding a Child’s Heart (Amazon | Kindle | WTS).

If this announcement looks vaguely familiar, that’s because this workshop was scheduled to occur in February. But a major snowstorm forced a cancelation.

The upshot for our congregation at First is that the workshop will now be held at our building on the corner of 79th and Broadway.

Friday’s session begins at 6.30pm and lasts until 8.30pm, while Saturday’s starts at 9.00am and runs until 1.00pm. The cost is $20 per person. (The price is discounted by $5 for Geneva parents). For an additional fee, you may use childcare services on location.

If you registered for the original date, your name was automatically moved to the new date. If you haven’t yet, you can register online.

Tripp’s sessions are as follows:

  • Getting to the Heart of Behavior
  • Helping Our Kids See the Glory of God
  • Living Joyfully Under Authority
  • Understanding and Identifying Attitudes of the Heart
  • Teenagers: Internalizing the Gospel

While Kimberly and I don’t subscribe to every jot and tittle of Shepherding a Child’s Heart, the book has provided us with a biblical, gospel-centered, workable paradigm for understanding our God-given responsibility and privilege as parents. I heartily encourage all parents—current and prospective—to attend.

For more information, check out this informational brochure or contact the school office. To register for the event, click here.

FWIW, the Kindle copy of the book is marked down to just $1.99.

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