Church as Countercultural, Counterintuitive Community: An Illustration

How would you respond to this scenario?

About a year after planting [our church], I remember a couple humbly sharing about a job opportunity that would take them to another state. This brother honestly asked the body to help them decide whether or not God would have him take this job and move away from the local body.

The author, quite transparently, recounts his immediate impression:

“I was a little weirded out.”

He continues:

A job was a personal decision. It’s not the church’s business where I work as long as I’m not driving a beer truck on Sunday, right? But God used this humble brother to show me what a life lived in community truly means. My understanding of the church started to grow.

These are excerpts of a letter from members of a church who, a few years later, were themselves moved by the Lord to another area. What they write is a powerful illustration of what the church by God’s grace can be, indeed, should be.

Here’s their closing exhortation to the congregation:

So do not despise the simple acts of grace to your brothers. Live life together. Make decisions together. Continue to care for each other.Love the Gospel. Seek the good of the city. Pursue the glory of God in all.

Carpe Diem In Dei Gloriam

You can read the whole thing here.

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One Response to Church as Countercultural, Counterintuitive Community: An Illustration

  1. RameyLady says:

    We have to learn to “do community,” just like we have to learn to anything else worth doing.

    Better: We learn to “do community” from the mentors around us who are doing it well. cue Titus 2….

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