Can You Love People You Do Not Know?

Who lives in your building? Below you? Above you? Across the floor?

Do you know them?

The question arises from Anna Sanders’ brief entry in her Metropolitan Diary for the New York Times. In it she explains to her dad, a Chicagoan, why she doesn’t leave a backup set of keys with a neighbor, just in case she gets locked out.

“In New York,” she tells him, “no one knows their neighbors.”

Do you?

What are their names? What do they do for a living? Are they lifelong New Yorkers? If not, where are they from? What brought them to the city? What kept them here?

Do they know Jesus?

This year our church is praying that the Spirit would bring ten people to faith in Christ through our witness. We’re also praying for four people by name who are not believers—friends, coworkers, neighbors.

Do we know them?

If we do not know them, how can we love them?

And if we do not love them, how can we share Jesus with them?

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