Motherhood, the City, and the Gospel

Joelle Peterson, a member of our church and part of the prospective AccessNYC church planting team, wrote a great piece the other day on life in the city as a young mom.

She and her husband Nick moved about a year ago, with a child in tow and another on the way. Some asked, “Why would you move to the city?” Her answer:

While the city definitely presents its challenges (I would be lying to you if I said there were none) – it also provides you with so many unique opportunities for your family, and especially for the gospel, that you may not find other places.

Joelle addresses the main issues that Kimberly and I heard before we moved here (it’s too dangerous, the apartments are too small) and a few others (there’s no place to park, you can only buy what you can carry back home). She deals with them honestly; they are real challenges, especially with little kids. But she comes back to the reason they’re here: for the gospel of Christ.

The last concern Joelle brings up is perhaps the most significant: city life exposes children to lots of sin at an early age. How does one deal with this? “I would say though, that the challenges of the city–both in the logistics of daiy life and the sinfulnes that is found here–is the whole reason why we are here.” She continues:

God has not called us to quarentine ourselves from unbelievers – in fact, quite the opposite! He has called us to go and find those who are lost, and show them the way to Christ. What better way to do that than in the city where you are constantly coming in to contact with people who need the gospel.

A great word. You can read the whole thing here.


Related: if you are a city parent, don’t forget to register for the Tedd Tripp Parenting Seminar at First this Friday and Saturday. More details here.

Related: if you’re a parent thinking about moving to the city, you’ll benefit from this talk from Tim Keller on city parenthood.

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