Over 2 billion people have no access to the Gospel, and most of them can’t be reached by those with “missionary” stamped in their visa. Because of this our church is teaming up with Frontline Missions to present a training program called Frontline Experience (FX). You may be familiar with Frontline Missions through their widely-acclaimed DVD series called Dispatches from the Front.

We’re hosting FX for two reasons: 1) to serve churches and 2) to equip servants for Gospel ministry in the world’s difficult places. FX conferences are designed to sharpen a church’s missions program and to provide church leadership with perspectives on new ideas, new threats, and new opportunities for Gospel work in the final frontier of the unreached.

In a recent FX weekender, a pastor brought his entire missions committee with him to the conference. This is what he wrote afterward:

The FX conference was fabulous for us. The entire way home we reviewed what was presented and how this could be implemented in our missions program. All the speakers communicated with emotion their fields of interest and all of us commented on the attitude of humility that pervaded their presentations.

But FX is also for believers who want to engage in risk-taking Gospel ministry. Experts in such areas as creative access, cross-cultural communications, global threat assessment, and leadership development provide practical tools to equip a rising generation of men and women who are following Christ where He is not known.

FX-NYC will be held Friday and Saturday, November 8–9, 2013. Check out the agenda for the weekend.

Registration is now open; you’ll find it here. I hope to see you there!

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