Service Cancellation

Dear First Baptist family,

The LORD is the One shepherding us, so we lack nothing. We’ve all benefited from thinking through the implications of these words for our lives. If we need it, He’ll provide it. And if we don’t have it, we don’t need it.

Apparently we don’t need to meet tomorrow.

Our boilers broke down early this week, and despite the tireless efforts of Winston James our building still has no heat. A thermometer in my office yesterday read 52 degrees, and the outside temperature will hover around freezing today and tomorrow.

Consequently we have decided to cancel all services tomorrow. There will be no Bible studies, no worship service, and no luncheon.

I’m asking everyone to call, email, or otherwise contact three of your friends at First to communicate this message. Of particular concern are our older members who may not have access to email and those who are newer to our family. So please think of a few people you can contact and pass the word along.

Please take this opportunity to join our brothers and sisters of another congregation in the city. Worship with them, serve them, and learn from them. God willing, our heat will be repaired and we can proceed with our concert Friday night and our regular Sunday schedule next week.

The Shepherd doesn’t always do what the sheep prefer, but He knows best. So we trust Him in this turn of events and look forward to regathering next week.

Every blessing is yours!

Grace and peace to you,
Matthew Hoskinson

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