No heat, no choir, no problem

Dear First Baptist family,
I hope you are doing well and rejoicing in our Never-failing Shepherd today. He is no hired hand who flees when trouble comes, but laid down His life for the sheep. All praise to His name!
I’ve got some good news and some bad news for you. The bad news is that we still do not have heat in the building. The new boiler should be delivered Monday or Tuesday, so hopefully this is the last Sunday without heat.
The good news is that we’re still planning to have a worship service Sunday morning at 79th and Broadway.
My initial impression was to cancel this week again. But I received a number of emails and texts from our members who said, “Please don’t cancel. We can wear hats and gloves, and it should be warmer. Let’s worship together!” So that’s what we’re going to do. =)
A few notes about tomorrow’s service.
1. We have trimmed it down, so the service will last no longer than an hour.
2. Please bundle up. We’re planning to meet in Haldeman, and this morning it is 58º in there. We’re doing what we can to warm it up, but please bring gloves, a hat, and wear layers.
3. The choir will not be singing. So choir members, please do not feel obligated to come.
4. Please use discernment about bringing your children. We cannot guarantee that the children’s rooms will be warm, so they will probably stay in Haldeman with everyone else.
5. Please use discernment about bringing yourself to the service. No one is taking attendance, and your heavenly rewards will not increase by coming or decrease by staying home. No one should feel obligated to come. Seriously. No one.
In light of that, I want to make you aware that Nick Peterson’s neighborhood group will host their small group at 10.30am uptown. There is heat at their location, and you are more than welcome to join them to worship Christ, enjoy one another, and pray together. You can contact Nick at npeterson1542 at gmail dot com for details.
I look forward to seeing you tomorrow—or next week, as the case may be.
Every blessing is yours!
Grace and peace to you,
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