I’m not a big lebron fan, and all of you know I’m not an ohio fan. (any sport, ever. especially u of toledo. [toledo!])

but today I’m glad for my ohio friends, and glad for lebron. God made us to long for home, as this essay so achingly describes. but if you look closely, you’ll see in the background a garden, a lie, an image marred, a promise.

our longing for home is never quite satisfied, even when (perhaps, especially when) we return to our old hometown. glory fades, development intrudes, times change, people die. even in the most familiar places the home we yearn for stands out of reach, just over the fence.

the longing is a reminder, a billboard depicting something more, something better, something that won’t move away or be destroyed or die. home is here, but it isn’t. we sample it now, but we’ll savor it forever.

until then we enjoy the shadows and await the reality. so to that end, I hope lebron wins for his hometown and brings cleveland a championship.

but please, just one.

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