The Only Way of Acceptable Worship

“The prayers of the highest believers are all sinful and polluted. There is so much unbelief, so much selfishness, so much forgetfulness mingling with all, that every prayer is sin.

“But if you put them into the golden censer, Jesus Christ the righteous will cover all the sin and offer them up with much incense. This is the only way of acceptable worship.

“Is this your way of praying? Have you such a sense of sin that you are ashamed of your prayers? or do you put them into Christ’s censer? It is an affecting thought that the censer of Christ is so often empty—so few prayers put into it.

“Here is the reason why the prayer of the wicked is an abomination to God (Prov. 15.8). You do not put it into the censer of Jesus to be perfumed with the cloud of incense.”

—Robert Murray M’Cheyne in Andrew Bonar’s Memoir and Remains, 534–5.

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