This Weekend at First (12/5/14)

Here’s a preview of what’s coming this weekend at First:

M’Cheyne Book Group

Tonight at 7pm, the Robert Murray M’Cheyne group will meet at the church building on 79th and Broadway. For more information, contact the church office.

Messiah_postcardChristmas Concert: Handel’s Messiah

​This Saturday at 7pm, the choir will present Part One of Handel’s masterpiece, Messiah. Invite your friends to join us and taste the mercy of Christ. Let us pray that God will use our efforts to advance His gospel purposes in our city.

​Forward on Our Knees

On the morning of the Christmas concert, we will have a prayer and mission event called Forward on Our Knees. Come to 79th and Broadway Saturday morning at 9am for a time of prayer for our neighborhood and for the gospel’s advance here at First. And then we’ll hit the streets and invite people to come to the concert that night. It will be a great time to pray and be on mission together. Hope to see you there!

Thanksgiving Offering

The trustees have designated this year’s Thanksgiving Offering to go to the cost of temporary boilers stationed outside the building. As you can see under the Giving section, we estimate that running these boilers will cost about $2,600 per week. Please prayerfully contribute what you can, either using the special envelope or indicating it on the memo line of your check.

​Clothing for the Needy

The New York City Rescue Mission needs to stock its shelves with new and gently used clothing for men: light jackets, socks, underwear, t-shirts, shirts, dress shirts, jeans, slacks, suits, and shoes. Gentlemen, take a look through your closet and see what you can give. If anyone would like to participate, please give your donations to Matthew or Gordon by Sunday, December 21.

Second Sunday of Advent​

We begin our celebration of our Lord’s incarnation this Sunday! The congregational songs this week are as follows. (If you don’t know a song, click its title and you’ll be taken to a video or audio rendition.)

​The sermon text will be Isaiah 7.1–17.

Save the Date

  • Wednesday at 7pm: Worship Choir Rehearsal
  • Sunday, December 14: Third Sunday of Advent
  • Tuesday, December 16 at 7pm: Trustees Meeting
  • Wednesday, December 17 at 7.30pm: Christmas with the Gettys at Carnegie Hall
  • Friday, December 19 at 7pm: Final M’Cheyne book group meeting​

​See you this weekend!

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