The King and the Enemy

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Fear is not a vice much discussed in our society. People openly confess their worrying disposition or angry outbursts, even their occasional drug use or sexual exploits. But fear? No one acknowledges their fearfulness because society views it as a sign of weakness. And Christians are just as reticent to admit they’re fearful. We know we shouldn’t be, so we pretend we aren’t.

But let’s be honest: deep down many of us harbor fears that we’ve never acknowledged to another human being, maybe not even to God. But He knows they’re there; we’re just fooling ourselves.

So how does the gospel transform us from our fearful selves into the image of Christ? That’s the focus of this passage, and the view of God’s glory given here is enough to drive our fears in a different direction.

Title: The King and the Enemy

Text: Isaiah 7.18–8.18


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