The King and His Cynical Leaders

photo courtesy of howstuffworks

Our kids love their blankets. When we travel, packing their favorite ones is not optional but mandatory. They provide our children more than warmth, but give a sense of security, familiarity, and protection in an unfamiliar setting.

That’s one of the images the prophet employs in our text. The people of Judah were in danger, so to speak, of choosing the wrong blanket—one that might give a feeling of security but in the end would provide no protection at all. What they thought could protect them from death would only hasten its coming.

All of us are running from death, even if we run to a different blanket than Isaiah’s first audience. And when God says to run instead to Him, we balk at such simplicity. Trust Him? We can’t even see Him. How can He secure us? And like the people of Jerusalem, we merely hasten our demise.

And yet there is hope, for this God we treat with cynicism has not stopped pursuing us with His love.

Title: The King and His Cynical Leaders

Text: Isaiah 28


  • bed and blanket
  • what they want
  • covenant with death


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