This Weekend at First (5/22/15)

Here’s a look ahead to this weekend at First!

Men’s and Women’s Bible Studies

Men’s and Women’s Bible studies resumed today for the rest of May. They begin around 9.30am. Hope to see you there!

Sunday worship

These are the songs we’re planning to sing Sunday morning. If any of them look unfamiliar, click on it and you’ll find a video with the text and tune.

The sermon text will be Isaiah 34–35.

Handel’s Messiah


design courtesy of Ottoman Creative Group

Next Saturday, May 30 at 7.30pm, the choir and orchestra of The First Baptist Church in the City of New York will present parts two and three of Georg Handel’s Messiah. The first part was performed in December and put the glory of our Savior on stunning display. Please be sure to note the new time: the concert will begin at 7.30pm. Be sure to join us for the rest of this inspired oratorio.

Do We Know Jesus?

Just because we say we’re Christians doesn’t mean we actually know who Jesus really is. This summer, we’re taking a forty-day challenge together—to read through the New Testament as a church! This Saturday night, we’ll invite our friends and neighbors to join us on this journey.

There are some great resources to help us along the way. Click here to get the NT as an ebook, as an audiobook, and audio resources for your children—all for free! And click here to sign up for a daily email that will help you with that day’s reading.

To encourage us along the way, book groups will meet every Sunday to discuss the previous week’s reading. So come with your questions and insights to share with others! Beginning June 7 the groups will meet Sunday mornings at 9.45am here at First, and Sunday evenings uptown at 6pm. Make your plans to be part of this initiative as Jesus reintroduces Himself to us through His Word!

Calling All Green Thumbs!

Do you have a love for gardening, but nowhere to use your skills? In God’s kindness, a friend of the church is redesigning our garden, so we’re looking for a few green thumbs who can help maintain the garden outside our building. If you’re interested, please let Matthew know.

​Looking forward to worshiping with you Sunday!​

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