The King and Unending Love

photo courtesy of econintersect

Of the many Supreme Court decisions expected this summer, one of the most significant regards the Affordable Care Act. For years Republicans have longed for the moment when Obamacare would be overthrown. But now the GOP faces a new, potentially devastating problem. Jonathan Weisman writing in the NY Times on March 6 puts it this way: “Senior Republicans in Congress hope that by June, the Supreme Court will invalidate the subsidies that 7.5 million Americans in thirty-four states have been given to purchase health insurance through the federal website But the prospects of legal victory have raised practical and political fears that Republicans will take the blame for the health care crisis that would follow.”

This scenario points to a timeless adage: be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it. In one sense that monitor hangs over today’s passage. Hezekiah faces his worst fear, wishes to be delivered, and then gets what he wanted. But the answer to his prayer becomes a test for his own heart: would he outlive his love for God? And if he didn’t, what hope does he—or any of us, for that matter—have that we will be delivered when his faith and ours is so weak?

Title: The King and Unending Love

Text: Isaiah 38–39


  • facing death
  • prolonged life
  • hope in life and death


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