This Weekend at First (9/4/15)

God continues to be at work in our midst! Please read below to see how you can be involved.

Pray for Minerva J.

Minerva was admitted to the hospital earlier this week with a serious condition. She is having a procedure right now that will hopefully take care of her issue. Please take a moment and pray right now for our sister, that God would graciously bring her healing, that she would know the peace and comfort of Christ through the Spirit in her, and that in all things the glory of our great God would be on display.

Sunday worship music

Want to take our worship songs with you to work? Or maybe wish you could hear a new song again to know it better?

We’ve taken almost every song we plan to sing this fall and put it on a free Spotify playlist. You can listen online by going to You can also download the Spotify app for your smartphone, tablet, or computer, and search for “Fall 2015 at First.”

Worship this Sunday

This weekend we plan to sing the following songs:

  • “Holy, Holy, Holy”
  • “Let the Earth Resound”
  • “Mercies Anew”
  • “He is Jesus”
  • “All I Have is Christ”
  • “Before the Throne of God”

Matthew will begin a Communion Sunday series on Isaiah 53 during the worship service. His text is Isaiah 52.13–15. We look forward to celebrating the Lord’s Table together.

Sunday Service Teams

This fall we are launching ten different Sunday service teams to should ministry at First together. Included in today’s order of worship is a detailed list of these teams. Please prayerfully read through it and sign up using the cards on the back table. In particular, please note:

  • We need more volunteers for Children’s Discipleship. Please see Caleb K. immediately if you are interested.
  • Irma G. will meet with anyone curious about the Hospitality Team right after the service in the Chapel.
  • We’re looking for those interested in reading Scripture or leading public prayers, as well as musicians for the Worship Team. Please contact Steve M. for more details..

Interested in Membership?

Our next New Members class begins after Labor Day. We’ll do a Friday night session as well as teach the class over consecutive Sundays. Contact Nick P. or Richard D. for more info.

Sunday School resumes

The Sunday after Labor Day at 9.45am we will recommence our Bible classes for all ages. Please take your children downstairs to Fellowship Hall. The adults will begin a nine-week combined study and discussion of the Theological Vision I laid out for our church this summer. The time will begin with separate times for prayer and fellowship before the groups will combine for the study. Make your plans to attend!



Hope to see you Sunday!

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