The Suffering Servant Unrecognized

photo courtesy of People

“Look at that face!”

With those four words, the leading Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump, landed himself in a world of trouble—and gave the target of his attack, Carly Florina, a chance to strike back.

Whoever your preferred presidential candidate may be, this debate illustrates a growing concern in our society: the idolatry of appearance. One need only look at the ads in the subway to see how our culture idolizes the physical. And some in our society are rightly drawing attention to the problem—for example, Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty.

But if there is a problem in society, it stems from a problem in the human heart. And that’s what today’s passage addresses head on. How does God confront our idolatry of appearance through his Servant?

Title: The Suffering Servant Unrecognized

Text: Isaiah 53.1–2


  • appearance
  • unexceptional
  • incredulity


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