The Fruit of the Servant’s Suffering

A full-page ad in the first section of the New York Times is designed to grab your attention. But when that ad is for Shinola watches, it’s bound to attract mine. Shinola manufactures watches and other goods in my hometown of Detroit. It was founded in 2011 by Tom Kartsotis with a goal of bringing manufacturing back to the city. Since that time, it has become a symbol of Detroit’s attempted turnaround from the dark days of financial ruin to (hopefully) better days ahead. Thus the words of this ad: “In Detroit we don’t need to look at our watches to know this is our time.” But Shinola is not the first such icon. If you look at Detroit skyline, you’ll quickly identify its tallest building: the seven interconnected skyscrapers known as the Renaissance Center. But it was constructed in 1977. It’s not easy to rebuild a city.

This image of a city rebuilt is one of two images that today’s passage employs to describe God’s plan for his people. The other image is that of a wife restored. Taken together these present a breathtaking picture of God’s love for his people.

Title: The Fruit of the Servant’s Suffering

Text: Isaiah 54


  • city rebuilt
  • woman restored
  • why?
  • children


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