The Invitation

photo courtesy of Victory Church

Since September we’ve been working our way through the second major section of Isaiah in a series I’ve called the Servant and the City. Today with chapter 55 we reach the end of this section. So let me summarize where we’ve been. The name for the series derives from the dominance of the Servant theme in these chapters. As you know there are four Servant Songs here, the fourth of which is so significant to the message of Isaiah that we examined it quite closely on communion Sundays. In many ways Isaiah 53 is the climax of the book, or at least presents the way that the central conflict is resolved. The central conflict, going back to the first part of the book, is the unwillingness of God’s people, specifically the people of Jerusalem, to believe and obey God. And in the fourth Servant Song, the conflict is resolved: the Servant of Yahweh will redeem his people through his life, suffering, death, and resurrection.

That brings us to the chapters 54 and 55. If Isaiah in chapter 54 details the objective results of the Servant’s suffering, then in chapter 55 the prophet tells his readers how they—indeed, how we—can enter into those objective results.

Title: The Invitation

Text: Isaiah 55


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