Christus Victor

All our talk recently about shalom—the world as it ought to be—threatens to drown out a very important point. The threats to human flourishing exist not only on the macro level, but on the micro as well. And if it is true that the world is not all that it should be, it is equally true that neither are God’s people. And that is a very dangerous reality, for much evil has been unleashed in the name of God by those who claim to be the people of God.

photo courtesy of izquotes

photo courtesy of izquotes

That’s why Isaiah 63–64 are so important to Isaiah’s prophecy of the world to come, and our place in it now. The prophet confronts an age-old problem—self-righteousness—and analyzes it in shocking terms. He does this not to make us hopeless, but humble, and ultimately to point us all to the Redeemer.

Title: Christus Victor

Text: Isaiah 63.1–14


  • redemption
  • rebellion
  • alone


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