The Potter and the Clay

image courtesy of bev gore

image courtesy of bev gore

Last week’s passage was hard-hitting because it hit us where it hurts—our self-righteousness. Nevertheless, though Isaiah exposed that at length in chapter 63, he’s not done yet. You see, we’re so good at deceiving ourselves that we can acknowledge self-righteousness and still not really go deep enough.

If all we’re willing to do is say “I’m not all I should be,” we haven’t gone deep enough. If we go further and acknowledge specific sins, we still haven’t gone deep enough. That’s why Isaiah continues his analysis of our self-righteousness in chapter 64, because the issue is not just individual sins, but what lies beneath.

And the four images he uses to describe what lies in our hearts are as disturbing as they are vivid.

Title: The Potter and the Clay

Text: Isaiah 63.15–64.12


  • what lies beneath
  • what lies ahead
  • what lay in the mind of God


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