Forgive Us Our Debts

image courtesy of ray liu

As a church we often talk about our calling as Christians to run into the brokenness with the help and hope of Jesus. We do this not because we want to be a hip congregation that is on the frontline of social justice, but because we aim to be a faithful congregation that puts the glory of God on display in word and deed.

But like every theological truth, there is an underside to our call to run to the broken. If the world is full of brokenness and we are called to work for its healing, then one might conclude that we are all right. They are the problem, we are the solution.

Jesus doesn’t let us go there, and today’s text articulates the fundamental truth of our condition. We pray “Forgive us our debts” because we too are the broken, we too are the fallen, we too are sinners.

And though there is a certain inevitability to sin in this age, Jesus offers tremendous, for ourselves and for our community, that something very different can happen under His rule, even now.

Title: Forgive Us Our Debts

Text: Matthew 18.21–35


  • sin
  • sin as debt
  • forgiveness
  • basis of forgiveness


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