A People of Love

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One of the first people I shared our theological vision with is not a member of First. In fact, he’s not even a Christian. One night we were hanging out, talking about work, and he asked me what I’d been working on. Well, that was this vision. So I shared it with him, and we discussed it for the next half hour. When I was done, he said, “Wow. I’ve seen a lot of churches and religious communities over the years. But I’ve never seen one like that.” I replied, “Neither have I.’

A community like this might seem like a dream, but it’s precisely what we see in today’s passage—a beautiful, loving, sacrificial community. We may have experienced bits and pieces of this kind of community. But why haven’t we enjoyed it in full?

Title: A People of Love

Text: Acts 2.40–47


  • dream
  • nightmare
  • reality


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