Soli Deo Gloria: 2017 Theme

diagram courtesy of the University of Cambridge

In 1514 a Polish astronomer published a short work that would change the world. In just 40 pgs, Nicolaus Copernicus set forth the theory that the sun was the center of the universe. In his day, people took it for granted that everything revolved around the earth, not the sun. After all, from their perspective, that’s just what they saw. All you had to do was stay up all night and you could see it for yourself.

We know now looking back that Copernicus was right: the sun, not the earth, is at center of our solar sys. But for centuries, people lived and died thinking that everything revolved around them. And what Copernicus did was reorient people to a truth that’d been there all along.

What was true in astronomy is certainly true in theology. We humans constantly think that world revolves around us. In a word we are egocentric. And the psalmist opens up his own experience to show us why we’re like that, and what hope we have for change.

Title: Soli Deo Gloria: 2017 Theme

Text: Psalm 103


  • egocentrism
  • love
  • what is due


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