A Word about Expectations

022716ciojacobstein1_1280x720.jpgA report in Tuesday’s Wall Street Journal predicted that the rise of artificial intelligence will likely disturb job markets quite extensively in the very near future. And it’s not just blue collar work, like factory jobs or drivers, that will be replaced. One expert noted the development of an AI in London that predicts pulmonary hypertension better than cardiologists. The status quo is changing, a new order is coming, so people have to be ready.

Whether their prediction that such a world will arrive in the next ten to fifteen years (or at all) is not certain. But Jesus notes in today’s passage that in a much more profound way, the status quo we currently experience is not eternal and a new order is on the way—and it might not be at all what we expect.

Title: A Word about Expectations

Text: Luke 12.35–48


  • two analogies
  • two advents
  • the bad news and the good


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