A Word about Faith and Obedience

220px-Robert_Moses_with_Battery_Bridge_model.jpgPerhaps no New Yorker is so vilified in the minds of other New Yorkers as Robert Moses. The man who served as Parks Commissioner for the middle decades of the twentieth century certainly led many good projects; if you’ve ever enjoyed Riverside Park, you have him to thank. But more than anyone Bob Moses has been blamed for tearing up neighborhoods through the abuse of power.

But the way it all started might be a surprise to you. The genesis of his vision was the problem of kids living in the slums who needed some kind of outlet. That prompted him to create parks in the city and parkways to get out of it. Unfortunately his solution may have created more problems than it solved.

In this way, Bob Moses illustrates something about human nature: we often rightly identify that we are in need, but wrongly identify what the need is. Such is the case in today’s text, where the disciples interrupt Jesus’ teaching to state their need, but their self-understanding was amiss.

Title: A Word about Faith and Obedience

Text: Luke 17.1–10


  • traps
  • forgiveness
  • faith
  • obedience
  • law and gospel


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