A Bible Reading Plan for 2018

Each year I join thousands of Christians in an attempt to read through the Bible in twelve months. I’ve used a variety of methods (e.g., chronological, canonical, reading by author), and I typically read a different translation every year. In 2017 I read through the King James Version for the first time since I was a freshman in college.

For 2018 I wanted to do something different. I wanted a plan where:

  • I prayed through a psalm or part of a psalm every day,
  • I read some of the Gospels every day, and
  • I read some of the Proverbs every day.

Then of course I wanted to read through the rest of the Scriptures over the course of the year. And after my positive experience with this plan, I wanted a schedule set up for five days of reading per week to allow for missed days and time for deeper reflection and study.

Not surprisingly, I couldn’t find all of that in a single plan.

So I made one myself.

Check out my 2018 Bible Reading Plan to see if it’s something you want to do as well.

You’ll notice that I’ve left the Psalms and Proverbs columns blank. I’m in the middle of the Psalms now and didn’t want to start over, so I’m penciling in my prayer Psalms as I’m going along. And Proverbs is short enough that one need read only a few verses in order to get through it in a year. My hope is to read both books multiple times through 2018.

The way I’m using it is to do the first three columns (Psalms, Gospels, and OT History) in the morning and the second three columns (OT Prophecy, NT, and Proverbs) in the evening. Other ways this could be used include doing all of the readings in a single sitting or reserving one or two columns for family worship.

Whichever way you use it, it doesn’t take very long. It takes me less time to read than it takes me to lose all my lives in Soda Crush.

And if you’re not quite ready to attempt a full read through the Bible in 2018, you could use parts of this plan to accomplish your goals for the year.


If this plan doesn’t suit you, here are some others that I’ve found useful:


A few years ago I wrote a series of posts on the whole “read your Bible in a year” idea. You can find those below:

  1. Reading the Bible One Year
  2. Dangers Within
  3. Sitting Down
  4. Reading
  5. Plans
  6. Final Thoughts
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1 Response to A Bible Reading Plan for 2018

  1. Mercy P. Davidson says:

    Would love follow this reading plan. Hope I can do it diligently. Thanks for preparing this and sharing. Mercy

    Mercy Davidson, M.Sc., Ph.D Columbia University Medical Center New York, NY Sent from my iPad

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