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Choosing Thomas

This is worth ten minutes of your time. Just make sure you’ve got the Kleenex handy. I can’t help but wonder whether, under a public insurance plan, couples would have the option not to terminate such a pregnancy. HT: I … Continue reading

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Dr. Oz on Stem Cell Research

Even the most casual Oprah watcher knows Dr. Mehmet Oz, the doctor she turns to most often to discuss medical/health-related issues. Last week, Dr. Oz appeared with Oprah and Michael J. Fox to talk about the possibilities of stem cells. … Continue reading

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The Ad that is Too Controversial for the Super Bowl

Perhaps a commercial featuring a talking baby who spits up on himself? Perhaps a commercial promoting drunken behavior? Perhaps a commercial featuring a female race-car driver’s suggestive antics? No, no, and no. How about a commercial that is positive, pro-life, … Continue reading

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Piper on Obama on Abortion

Here’s a clip from a recent Piper sermon. HT: DG.

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