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The Cross

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Jason Avant: From Drug-Dealer to Evangelist

The Lord encouraged my heart this morning through an article on Jason Avant, former Michigan Wolverine and current wide receiver for the Philadelphia Eagles. The story recounts his testimony, including a fervently-praying grandmother and God’s use of suffering to bring … Continue reading

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Is “Preaching the Gospel to Ourselves” a New Idea?

Indulge me in one last quotation from Stephen Charnock. There were actually a couple of great quotations in answer to this question, but I’ll post only this one: Let us re-present to ourselves this crucified but now crowned victim, lying … Continue reading

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If We Confess, He is Faithful and Just to Forgive

A friend of mine emailed me a thought-provoking question last week after reading the sermon notes from November 13. Granting that confession of sin is the mark of a genuine disciple, he asked in what way God’s forgiveness is conditioned … Continue reading

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The Difference between Religion and the Gospel

Most people immediately recognize the difference between irreligion and the Gospel. What is more difficult to perceive–and far more insidious–is the difference between religion and the Gospel. Here’s a helpful visual summary to keep in mind: HT: Z —– Note: … Continue reading

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