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A Word about Forgiveness

We began a series last week called Transformative Stories. These are the stories, the parables, that Jesus told as recorded in the gospel of Luke. These parables were told at a historical point in time and resulted from specific situations. … Continue reading

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Forgive Us Our Debts

As a church we often talk about our calling as Christians to run into the brokenness with the help and hope of Jesus. We do this not because we want to be a hip congregation that is on the frontline … Continue reading

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The Suffering Servant’s Silence

Our study of the Fourth Servant Song takes a turn in today’s passage. While the Servant’s suffering and death are still in view, in verses 7–9 the focus shifts to his innocence. But if he is innocent, then why is … Continue reading

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Unrelenting Grace for Idolaters

It’s not what you have that matters, but what you do with it. So goes the old maxim, and it is true enough so far as it goes. Indeed all of us, whether knowingly or not, heed that proverb every … Continue reading

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Breaking the Cycle of Brokenness

Imagine coming face to face with someone who had died but was now alive. One conversation with that person could alter your entire life. John lets us listen in on that first encounter Jesus has with his disciples as he … Continue reading

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