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A Word about Prayer

This parable tells a story of need. That’s fitting, since the disciples have just asked Jesus, “Teach us to pray.” They sensed their need—not just for inadequacies generally, but even for the inadequacies of their praying—and Jesus met them where … Continue reading

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Give Us Today Our Daily Bread

The word prayer is almost synonymous with making request. In fact, of the 21 replacements offered for “pray” on thesaurus.com, fifteen of them refer to asking for something. Yet in the Lord’s prayer, it’s not until the fourth phrase that … Continue reading

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The Just Conqueror

Isaiah 58 is critical for Isaiah’s overall theme, with wide-ranging implications, not only for our spiritual disciplines and personal piety, but for our engagement in what is often called social justice. That passage makes crystal clear that it is not … Continue reading

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High and Holy, Contrite and Lowly

“What’s beyond the model is the most compelling thing.” In this single sentence the Pulitzer Prize winning novelist, Anthony Doerr, summarizes a fundamental longing. It’s as if we recognize that there is something beyond what we can see and touch … Continue reading

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The Invitation

Since September we’ve been working our way through the second major section of Isaiah in a series I’ve called the Servant and the City. Today with chapter 55 we reach the end of this section. So let me summarize where … Continue reading

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