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Nick Peterson on 1 Peter

This summer our church enjoyed a five-part sermon series covering parts of 1 Peter. Preaching in my place was Nick Peterson, one of our deacons and an aspiring church planter here in the city. He and his family have been … Continue reading

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A Call to Vigilance

Charles Bridges: “The moment that utter weakness loses its hold and forgets the need of habitual dependence—this is the moment of a certain fall. The most exalted Christian attainments, the longest standing in the Church, the most extensive usefulness in … Continue reading

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Should You Pass On Bad Reports?

The following article is written by Tim Keller and David Powlison. It is posted here with permission. ***** One obvious genius of the internet is that it’s “viral.” Information explodes to the whole world. The old neighborhood grapevine and the … Continue reading

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“The Sea in Between” Now Available

Josh Garrels is one of my favorite musicians. “Love, War, and the Sea in Between” was my favorite CD of 2011. I played it more that year than anything else—and probably still do. So when I heard that Josh was … Continue reading

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Christian Kosher

Living in New York City has put me around more Jewish folks than since I was a lower and middle schooler at Detroit Country Day School. Such proximity has certainly been educational. Last year during Passover (which coincided with Holy … Continue reading

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