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A Word about Forgiveness

We began a series last week called Transformative Stories. These are the stories, the parables, that Jesus told as recorded in the gospel of Luke. These parables were told at a historical point in time and resulted from specific situations. … Continue reading

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The Passing of the Peace and the 2016 Election

How should our liturgy shape the way we think about this year’s bitterly divisive presidential election, and the way we act towards those with strongly different opinions? Title: The Passing of the Peace Scripture: John 20.21 Resources: audio (streaming | … Continue reading

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The Potter and the Clay

Last week’s passage was hard-hitting because it hit us where it hurts—our self-righteousness. Nevertheless, though Isaiah exposed that at length in chapter 63, he’s not done yet. You see, we’re so good at deceiving ourselves that we can acknowledge self-righteousness … Continue reading

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Anointed to Bless

When you look at the city, what do you see? Not the buildings or the busyness or the grit and grime. But when you look into the face of people, what do you see? If you’re like most New Yorkers, … Continue reading

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The Everlasting Light

This passage predicts a world that quite obviously has not yet come. But it hasn’t been for a lack of trying. Even though none of us has experienced life like this, and even if you’ve never read this chapter before, … Continue reading

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