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A Community of Faith

Last Sunday we began a new series focusing our attention on Jesus’ vision for our church. We looked at Jesus’ prayer for us in John 17, and saw that through the gospel the Spirit has made us a community of … Continue reading

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The Invitation

Since September we’ve been working our way through the second major section of Isaiah in a series I’ve called the Servant and the City. Today with chapter 55 we reach the end of this section. So let me summarize where … Continue reading

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Beaten but Vindicated: The Third Servant Song

Last Sunday I told the story of how, after picking out a Hot Wheel at Kmart, I frantically searched for my mom who was shopping elsewhere in the store. That incident illustrated last week’s passage: just as I thought my … Continue reading

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A Fresh Look at the Value of the Bible

This is worth every bit of ten minutes, especially for those of us who have had a copy of the Bible in our language since before we could read.     HT: JT  

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