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A Word about Wealth

What does the good life look like to you? The image that comes to my mind is a sunny day at a sandy beach with the crystal-clear ocean beckoning me to wade in. For you the good life looks like … Continue reading

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Unrelenting Grace for Idolaters

It’s not what you have that matters, but what you do with it. So goes the old maxim, and it is true enough so far as it goes. Indeed all of us, whether knowingly or not, heed that proverb every … Continue reading

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The King and His Vineyard

In view of all that God has done for us, what does He expect from us? A day of thanksgiving? Sharing a few words of gratitude? Saying grace before meals? Or does He expect something more? This text shows us … Continue reading

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Should You Pass On Bad Reports?

The following article is written by Tim Keller and David Powlison. It is posted here with permission. ***** One obvious genius of the internet is that it’s “viral.” Information explodes to the whole world. The old neighborhood grapevine and the … Continue reading

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Motherhood, the City, and the Gospel

Joelle Peterson, a member of our church and part of the prospective AccessNYC church planting team, wrote a great piece the other day on life in the city as a young mom. She and her husband Nick moved about a … Continue reading

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